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Real Estate

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Unleashing potential in the built environment


Operating both an accelerated acquisitions programme in super-prime markets and an innovative strategy for the large-scale regional-based developments, Rigby Real Estate delivers space for business and residents.


Rigby Real Estate owns a diverse real estate portfolio with freehold properties, large scale commercial projects and bespoke residential developments.


Rigby Real Estates commercial business operates a series of large-scale developments surrounding the group’s Airport assets. Bournemouth constitutes a £75 million property portfolio. In Coventry, we have major developments for 3.7 million sq. ft. In Norwich, we are currently planning a 1 million sq. ft. development. In Exeter, we are exploring a number of development opportunities.


Our design arm is Allect International Design Group, which owns Rigby & Rigby, Helen Green Design, and Lawson Robb. Allect operates design and construction projects in London and design projects globally, with activity in Asia, Europe and Australasia. Collectively, Rigby & Rigby, Helen Green Design, and Lawson Robb are London’s largest interior design practice. Rigby & Rigby was proud to be awarded International Design Practice of the Year (2017) and the Living Space – London Award, in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019.


Rigby Real Estates has an active acquisition programme in place to continue the growth of the division across commercial land and residential property in London’s super-prime market. At the same time, the business is on a buy-and-build strategy and will acquire further design and furniture brands on its journey to be the global leader in its field.