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Founded in 1975, Rigby Group is today Europe’s largest private investor in technology. We are also one of the top ten wholly family-owned second generation businesses in the UK and in the top 500 globally. Our Group values underpin our work: foresight, hard work and enabling others. The mission of Rigby Group is to balance sustainability and profit in the pursuit of technological innovation, and to deliver long-term benefits for our stakeholders and communities. Everything we do is founded on the belief that cutting-edge innovation, traditional values, and vigorous philanthropy can be harnessed to create a sustainable future – financial, social, environmental and governance.

Over nearly 50 years Rigby Group has built many market-leading companies, not simply through investments and acquisitions but by enabling businesses to realise their full potential by giving them the resources, management and scale they need. Though our portfolio spans airports, commercial, hotels, and residential assets, our strong technology focus continues. IT solutions pioneer SCC remains the cornerstone of Rigby Group’s business, and the recent establishment of dedicated technology investment arm Rigby Technology Investments (RTI), positions tech firmly at the heart of our future strategy.

We are committed to scaling-up our social and environmental initiatives as we grow. The Rigby Foundation embodies the family’s determination to contribute to the communities of which we are a part, and Rigby Group currently pledges £2m per annum to the Foundation to support worthy causes.

“Investment is essential to a healthy future. We are firmly committed to investing in our business, our people and new technologies for strategic and sustainable growth.”

Sir Peter Rigby, Chairman and Founder

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