Mission, Vision & Values

Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission, within the next decade, is to double the achievements of the past 45 years creating a business with £1bn market value by 2025.


Our vision is to become the most successful wholly-owned family business the UK has ever produced and, in doing so, always remain:

  • trusted by our customers and partners
  • dedicated to delivery
  • committed to our people
  • drivers of innovation
  • a highly effective, lean and fast-moving
  • business


Rigby Group is a values-led business built around three core principles:


Our intuition is underpinned by our experience. Rigby Group’s track record of smart, strategic and independent thinking has enabled us to diversify from our 1975 origins, as a technology start-up, into a £2.77bn British success story and will continue to guide our development into the future.


Rigby Group is committed to achieving excellence in all that we do. We are renowned for our industry, our seamless execution and a peerless approach to acquiring and nurturing businesses to unleash their potential. Put simply: the harder we work the luckier we get.


We have a federated approach to our valued team, liberating companies within the Group and trusting their leaders to be the very best they can be; providing expert and highly personal leadership and swift-yet-sound decision making, always with an eye firmly on the long-term outcome.